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  1. Azur Lane Noshiro Dakimakura

    "I'm the new arrival, Noshiro, second ship of the Agano-class, reporting for duty. Let's do our utmost to prove our worth to each other, shall we?"

    From "Azur Lane" comes another new design of Noshiro, light cruiser of the Sakura Empire! 

    Her beautiful flowing black hair, calm eyes and slender legs—every element of Noshiro's stunning beauty has been captured by our talented artist: YUJ. Be sure to add her to your collection!

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  2. Goddess of Victory: Nikke Anis Dakimakura


    Anis is a Nikke from Tetra Line. She uses her rocket launcher "Liberty's Tail" as her weapon. She is a member of the Counters Squad. She is full of a bright energy that is lively and full of energy. If you like it, you like it, if you don't like it, you don't like it. She has no wrinkles and is easy to get along with, but if she judges that the level of intimacy is likely to exceed the appropriate line, she draws the line calmly.

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  3. League of Legends Officer Caitlyn Dakimakura

    League of Legends Officer Caitlyn Dakimakura

    Sexy Caithyln in her standard police officer clothing and lingerie.

    • Artist: YUJ
    • Series: League of Legends
    • Variant: All Ages, R18 and Undressable
    • Release: 1/11/2022

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